Our Mill

Introducing Our New Astreia Mill

Moulin Astreia stands as a true marvel in the world of flour milling. Invented by the visionary brothers André and Pierre Astrié, our innovative Astreia Mill has set a new standard, revolutionizing traditional stone milling. We're proud to introduce you to the future of flour production.

At the heart of our milling process is the precise micrometric control of grinding wheels. This method allows us to delicately unroll grains between millstones rather than crushing them under the weight of a stone, preserving the vital wheat germ and essential nutrients. The result is a flour that's not only nutritious but also easily digestible.

Quality is our utmost priority. The Astreia Mill employs high-quality granite stones, celebrated for their durability and reliability. We take it a step further with a slower millstone rotation, ensuring that no nutrients are lost in the milling process. Quality and flexibility are synonymous with our approach.

Efficiency is another cornerstone of our process. Our mill features a sensor-equipped hopper, guaranteeing efficient operation and consistent results. To top it off, our sieve system allows you to tailor your flour to perfection, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your culinary needs.

But our commitment goes beyond innovation and quality. At Moulin Astreia, we're driven by a unique vision – to produce and use only our own flour. This plan embodies self-sufficiency and sustainability. Every product we offer is a testament to the care and dedication we put into our craft.

Join us on this journey to excellence, and experience the difference that the Astreia Mill, and our unwavering commitment to quality over quantity, can make in your baking endeavors. At Moulin Astreia, we're not just a bakery; we're a symbol of innovation, tradition, and a brighter, sustainable future.