Bread Head Club

What is it?

Bread Head Club is our monthly subscription service committed to educating the public on old-world baking approaches to ensure the investment of farmers and their grains.

Subscribers pay a one-time monthly fee to receive (1) loaf per week for one month (4 loaves in total).

Why join?

When the community invests we’re able to invest in our local food system by providing farmers security to grow regional grains. These grains then support the small scale miller to produce flours full of vibrancy and nutrition. With these locally sourced flours, the baker is then able to feed the community with goods made of nourishing ingredients. Joining Bread Club betters your gut health and connects you back to the roots of eating locally produced goods.

How does it work?

Your subscription includes (4) large loaves of naturally leavened bread. The menu rotates weekly, Loaves are to picked up at partnering small businesses or locations depending on availability.



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