About the Bakery

Located beneath the majestic Blackstairs Mountain in Carlow, Ireland, Plúr adheres to an age-old approach to bread baking that's beautifully uncomplicated: we rely on the natural yeast and bacteria to slowly ferment our dough. Our strong ties to the local grain agriculture ensure that we exclusively use local flour, pure water, and sea salt.

As bakers, we consider ourselves the vital link between farmers, millers, and our cherished community. Our role is clear - to provide nourishing goods and to educate the public on the paramount significance of investing in one of our most essential foods: grain.

Our mission is to distance ourselves from bland, lifeless flour and return to the roots of supporting small wheat farmers and local millers. Here at Plúr, we bake with organically grown wheat, milling it in-house for our whole grain starter and a diverse array of breads. In addition, we source stone-ground whole rye, whole wheat, and whole spelt - all cultivated using organic methods by various dedicated farmer-millers.

We're on a mission to create a direct connection between the community and their food, sharing the wholesome process of long fermentation, and tirelessly working towards revitalizing bread-making practices for the better.

Our love for bread binds us from the very ground beneath the Blackstairs Mountain, where the grain is grown, to our flour mill, and ultimately, to the delightful loaf that graces your table. Join us on this extraordinary journey where we grow, mill, and bake with passion, connecting every step of the way from grain to flour to your favorite loaf.