Plúr bakery is built on the craft of using our hands. We have a passion to source as many locally cultivated ingredients from small providers whenever possible to foraging produce from Ireland's beautiful countryside  We believe that in order to make the best, most nutritious food available, one must start with the best possible ingredients.

At Plúr Bakery artisan breads are created from using the ancient method of sourdough fermentation. We use only our wild leaven to raise the dough. This time-honored technique imparts a beautiful complexity and savor to our bread, and yields easily digestible loaves.

We bake using our Rofco oven's radiant stone hearth to develop a deep, flavorful crust. We are inspired to use many unique whole grain combinations, some of which are 100% whole grain pan loaves, (rye, whole spelt) and additions of sprouted whole grains (millet, quinoa, buckwheat and oats, to name a few.


We look forward to meeting and feeding you soon.